Surat Jewelry Shop is Selling Diamond-studded Face Masks for Rs 1,40,000 Making Gold Mask Passé

How much would you pay for a face mask? While the high prices of the face masks irked many of us few months ago, we shelled out whatever amount the shopkeeper said, because we had no option. But now a jewelry shop is making diamond-studded masks worth Rs 1,40,000, mostly to be used during marriage functions.

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However, these diamond-studded masks may not be the most expensive ones. A man in Pimpri-Chinchwad district of Pune has gotten himself a mask made of pure gold worth Rs 2.89 lakhs. Shankar Kurade was quoted as saying that the mask is made of gold but is pretty thin and has very minute holes in it to help him breathe. He then admitted that he isn’t too sure if the mask is going to be very effective in preventing coronavirus.

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We initially started with surgical face masks. Then there were N95 masks. But as it became more and more clear that we need to learn to live with coronavirus, face masks became a part of our apparel. Many clothing brands are providing masks coordinated and matching with the clothes. From kalamkaari to fancy silk, masks are now coming in all forms.

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Coronavirus pandemic led to a spike in the demand of face masks as it seems to be one of the very few defenses against the infection. Faced with shortage of masks, people in some parts of the world took matters in their own hands and started stitching them at home. India, which is the home to jugaad, did not stay behind and people stitched masks in homes only.

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