‘Neymar as a Kid’: Video of Toddler Faking Injury is Reminding Netizens of the Footballer

Kids have exceptional imaginary skills. They can not only happily play in a world of their own imagination but also amuse adults with their stunts. One such stunt was recently pulled by a toddler from Seattle that left millions laughing at his antics.

Shared on Twitter by his mother Jordan on Wednesday, the video has been watched by over 3 million people on the microblogging site alone. It has also been posted on other social media platforms.

In the video, little Jamie can be seen approaching a swing slowly, with his eyes scanning all possibilities of incurring an injury. After slightly touching the base of the swing, he waddles near it, only to make an impact with the swing and falls down on the ground.

The impact (and the toddler’s acting) is such that he rolls on the green grass and it is then that his mother Jordan is bound to let out a howling laughter.

She captioned the post: “My son be fakiiiiing” followed by two laugh out loud emoticons. Netizens were quick to relate Jamie’s antics with world class footballers, who fake an injury or tackle to score penalties.

One Twitter user posted a video of Neymar rolling on the ground during a match against Serbia in the FIFA World Cup. Neymar had rolled multiple times after contact with a player knocked him off. The Brazilian had also spent 14 minutes on the ground during the WC tournament, sparking a lot of memes and jokes.

Here are some other tweets linking Jamie with the star football player.

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