Katherine Schwarzenegger touches upon her plans to welcome motherhood in lockdown

Katherine Schwarzenegger touches upon her plans to welcome motherhood in lockdown

With most of her pregnancy spent in social isolation due to COVID-19, Katherine Schwarzenegger has turned her attention to a number of different hobbies to keep herself occupied. From cooking to gearing up for the welcome of her newest bundle of joy, it seems the Schwarzeneggers has a lot of ‘silver linings’ to look forward to.

During an interview with E Online, Katherine touched upon the baby prep she and her husband have been investing their time,claiming, “I am preparing definitely by learning to do things in the kitchen because that’s something you need learn how to get very familiar with when you have little ones to cook for. And I’ve been organizing a lot in our house because I feel like that’s again something that everybody’s been doing in quarantine; it’s just this desire to organize.

“I think that’s part of my nesting. It’s been really fun and really interesting. Definitely an interesting time to be pregnant but a really fun time to also find the silver linings and to be able to organize and find more experience in the kitchen has been a big part of that.”

With her mother being one of the most engaging influences in her life, Katherine plans to incorporate her mother’s mottos in her own parenting style down the road.

She explained, “My mom is the best mom ever so to be able to learn, I definitely have learned a huge amount from her when it comes to organization.”

She added, “I want to be a sponge always around my mom and just observe as much as I can from her because she has been the greatest mom and continues to be the greatest mom to all four of us. We’re really lucky so if I can be just a little bit of the mom that she is then I’ll be lucky.”

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