Desi Netizens Gaze At #EyeTwitter after Twitterati Flaunt Sarees and Kurtas Online

Social media is a strange world, which can become host to some of the weirdest trends and challenges at times. The latest trend that has caught the attention of many is the #eyetwitter. In this challenge, people post images of their eyes on Twitter with the popular hashtag.

The trend went so viral that even the ISKCON social media branch for New York posted a picture of Lord Krishna and his mesmerizing eyes. It added the description, “kamala-patraksa- Arjuna addresses Lord Krishna as “lotus-eyed” (Krishna’s eyes appear just like the petals of a lotus flower) #EyeTwitter.”

Users posted pics of their eyes, with quotes and messages to describe how eyes speak languages that we often miss.

A user wrote, “Hide your eyes darling people can see your heart through them #EyeTwitter.” Another added, “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.”

A few other posted pictures of the eyes of their favorite celebs, sharing their idea of most beautiful eyes.

Meanwhile, a lot others did not leave a chance to make fun of the new viral challenge with memes and jokes.

A few days back, Twitter started the trend of #SareeTwitter where women embraced the desi side of them with beautiful images wearing sarees. Several celebrities also participated in the challenge to share their saree-clad pictures.

Following the trend, netizens started the new #kurtatwitter trend, sharing images in kurta-pyjama or salwar-kurta.

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