Arvind Kejriwal Praises NZ Vlogger Who Donated Plasma in Delhi: ‘Karl, You Rock’

Karl Rock, a vlogger from New Zealand who has been living in India for the past few years, donated plasma at plasma bank in Delhi’s ILBS hospital and has won praise from Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Rock recently recovered from Covid-19 after contracting the virus infection last month.

“Plasma therapy is the best treatment for Covid-19 that we have right now to help really sick people. So, the second I heard Delhi chief minister had opened a plasma bank, I called it up and registered myself to donate the plasma,” he says in the beginning of the 8-minute-long video, adding that it is a privilege to help other people this way.

Rock is seen talking to the hospital staff in Hindi, much to their surprise, as he tells them he is from New Zealand and has been living in Delhi with his wife, who is an Indian.

He tweeted the video, after which Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal praised him and said, “Karl, you indeed rock.”

During his interaction with the medical staff, Rock tells them that it was probably while picking up his sister-in-law from the airport that got infected. “I had a headache, I lost taste and I was really really tired. Just these three symptoms,” he tells them and also poses for a selfie with another plasma donor.

Rock praises the facility for being, clean and patient-friendly. After the needles are removed and process, which takes less than an hour, is complete, the donors are given refreshment.

Rock is from New Zealand and has been living in India with his wife for the past three years. He has 900000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts videos of exploring cities and towns of India.

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