This Indian Dad Has Sarcasm-loaded Response Every Time His Daughter Starts Singing

Parents are often irritated with their children for being lazy and lethargic. ‘When I was your age’ taunts are often used to bring a realisation, with little success though. But a video on Instagram has amazingly captured a parent’s frustration with his daughter being lazy. This video is the best roast video you will see today.

The video begins with the daughter singing a song with lyrics “Today I don’t feel like doing anything” and her father’s voice booms from the background, “What’s new?”. The daughter breaks into a laughter and continues to sing, “I just wanna lay in my bed”.

“Sing lazy song, you lazy girl. Tell all your friends how lazy you are,” the father continues his roast and tells her how she doesn’t dress properly with her pants hanging on the Pelatoon bike.

But it looks like the desi dad’s sarcasm kicks in every time the daughter starts singing. The Instagram page shared other videos of the woman singing while her father disses it every song. In anther video, she sings Bruno Mars’ Grenade and the dad says ‘nonsense’ on lyrics “What you don’t understand is I’d catch a grenade for ya, Throw my hand on a blade for ya.” These are not good examples of love, he sarcastically tells the daughter.

And when she sings Lady Gaga’s ‘I am your biggest fan, I will follow you until you love me”, the father takes a dig saying that this is stalking and not love.

Watch the hilarious videos here:

The video has literally left everyone in splits as the dad’s voice is the most relatable things for desi kids o the Internet. And the dad has become everyone’s favourite. The video as shared on Instagram by RiskHappy page two days ago and has been liked over 30,000 times.

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