Someone Placed an Order With Address That Read ‘Call When You Reach Mandir’, Image Goes Viral

(Image credit: Twitter/ 
Mangesh Panditrao)

(Image credit: Twitter/
Mangesh Panditrao)

A person in Kota, Rajasthan has come up with a hilarious way to resolve the problem of ‘what is your location?’ in this viral image.

  • Last Updated: July 9, 2020, 10:45 PM IST

Remember the many times it got painfully annoying to explain to a delivery person the directions to your address? The multiple phone calls topped with confusions of left and right directions. Only if there was a way to make the entire process any less strenuous.

Well, a person in Kota, Rajasthan has come up with a hilarious way to resolve the problem.

An image that is going viral on social media shows a delivery package with a unique address line.

The address line reads, “440 Chaoth Mata Mandir…” and it continues to read, “mandir ke samne aate hi phone laaga lena mein aa jaunga” (After reaching temple, please call, I’ll reach there).

The image was shared by Twitter user Mangesh Panditrao, who wrote “Indian eCommerce is different”.

Undoubtedly, his unique resolve must have saved him some struggle. The tweet that went immediately viral, was very well related to by netizens, and many even shared snaps of similar incidents.

What are your tips for a successful delivery?

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