Desi Netizens Use Instagram ‘Reels’ to Beat TikTok Nostalgia With Memes and Mockery

TikTok may be part of the 59 Chinese apps now banned in India, but desi users have already found the next platform to move onto Instagram Reels.

Facebook, yesterday confirmed that Instagram Reels is coming to India. The short-form video format platform comes at a time when there is a massive space vacated by the ban on TikTok, which was very similar in terms of content.

Instagram Reels is also all about users sharing quirky, funny and exciting 15-second videos to their followers.

Instagram Reels, however, is currently also on test in India, which means that it will be rolled out to users in India in a phased manner, and not everyone will get the Reels add-on immediately on their Instagram app.

India is joining Brazil, Germany and France where Instagram Reels was already live for testing.

As the feature started to roll out on people’s phones, the new feature drew reactions that certainly lasted for more than 15 seconds – combined with both memes and mockery. The likeliness to TikTok wasn’t overlooked by Desi netizens, who were both repulsed, as well as overly eager to use the new feature. Mark Zuckerberg’s timing was also not missed.

“Reels gives a voice to individual creators”, says Vishal Shah, VP of Product, Facebook. Instagram says that of all videos shared on the platform last month, more than 45% of the videos were actually of 15 seconds or lesser duration.

Reels can be accessed via the Camera link in the Instagram app on your phone, much in the same way you currently post Stories right now on Instagram.

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Facebook is offering a lot of customization options with Instagram Reels. These 15-second short format videos can be dressed up with a variety of music tracks, filters and editing tools. Instagram confirms that the Spark AR effects will also be available for Instagram Reels, much in the same way as Instagram Stories. Content creators will be able to also change video speed and add music, depending on the library of tracks available in this region.

Instagram says Reels content will get wider sharing options. Users will also be able to post the short format videos to the Explore tab, as well as to Stories and the Instagram Feed. The search options now include Reels creators as well as by music tracks used by creators in the short format videos.

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