This Tale of Bonding Between Two Elephants is the Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll Read Today

In such times of disdain it is the small stories of affection and care that bring hope to mankind. A story of two orphan elements staying at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust will melt your heart.

Pare, a baby elephant came to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust four years ago. According to the trust, he was a suspected victim of poaching. When he came to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust his condition was terrible as he was riddled with parasites. Fortunately, over the period of time, he managed to regain his health with care and efforts of experts.

After he had recovered in December 2018, Pare was moved to Ithumba Reintegration Unit, as many other orphan elephants. It is in that unit that Pare met Zurura.

Zurura, much like Pare, is an orphan. He is 10 years older to him and now has also transitioned back to wild life. Pera too will do the same whenever he is ready.

But what is interesting is the fact that the two elephants struck a chord. Despite being in the wild Zurura sometimes comes back to Ithumba, to meet other elephants and his human family. This visit is especially most beneficial for Pera and Zurura too likes to act as a big brother to the little fellow.

This adorable story of care and friendship has been shared on Facebook by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s official page. Till now, that post has been shared by a thousand people and has been liked by more than 11 thousand users.

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