Mumbai Police Turned Popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine Scene into a Meme about Wearing Masks

Mumbai Police is back with another hilarious meme for public safety | Image credit: Twitter

Mumbai Police is back with another hilarious meme for public safety | Image credit: Twitter

Someone at Mumbai Police seems to be a –big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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  • Last Updated: July 8, 2020, 8:49 PM IST

After finishing its bounty of desi memes inspired from Bollywood, the social media handle of Mumbai police is now looking West for inspiration. And it seems to have found it in their fictional counterparts in Brooklyn. The police department, which has been active in sharing memes about coronavirus awareness and promoting mask-wearing, have now taken help to raise awareness around wearing masks using a meme from the popular sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Sharing a still from the American comedy series, Mumbai cops pointed out how irresponsible it was to not wear a mask. From the fairly popular scene depicted in the meme, it seems whoever handles the police’s Instagram account must also be a fan of the award-winning sitcom.

The post was captioned like this: “It was number 5! Number 5 endangered all our lives. You simply cannot forget your mask!” It was followed by a message in Marathi that asked citizens to sport a cover whenever they step out.

In the photo, five suspects stand in police custody. While the first four can be seen donning masks (with the help of photoshop), the fifth one stands without one. The caption said it was number five who was guilty as he had endangered everyone’s life by not covering his face.

This narrative matched with the actual storyline of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where number five had committed a murder.

In the show, Jake Peralta, a New York Police Department detective, brings in the five suspects related to a murder case. The sister of the victim says the perpetrator was singing the famous song ‘I want it that way‘ by the Backstreet Boys. hence, Jake asks all the five suspects to sing the song and when number 5 sings it, the sister identifies him with his voice.

The scene is very popular among B99 fans and it has now managed to create social awareness.

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