Indian Teenager in UAE Makes Guinness World Record with 101 One-Leg Hops over a Ruler

A total of 101 hops over a stationery ruler has brought Dubai-based Indian teenager Soham Mukherjee a Guinness World Records title.

Hailing from New Delhi, Mukherjee UAE managed to break the previous title of 96 hops in 30 seconds.

“In a video taken in his bedroom Mukherjee completed 110 hops in total but 9 were deemed invalid,” a statement released by the global authority on record breaking was quoted as saying.

Mukherjee said the record was captured with two cameras and measured by a close-up slow motion.

“The record was measured by a close-up slow-motion video, so that the line object and my feet are clearly seen,” Mukherjee, who is in 11th grade at Dubai’s GEMS Wellington International School, said in the statement.

Crediting his achievement to his active sports life, Mukherjee said what helped him break this specific record title is his long history of 13 years in taekwondo that requires a lot of leg work.

“I came from a background of several sports, so I always felt more competitive than my peers. Since I moved to Dubai a year ago, I started to feel more productive,” he said.

“During lockdown, I wanted to test my determination, so I started to search for something to do to keep active and do a remarkable achievement, and then decided to go for an official attempt with Guinness World Records,” he said.

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