Genius or Gross? Some of the Weirdest Delicacies to Devour on World Chocolate Day 2020

If there’s something that can set any mood alright, it is chocolate. And who doesn’t like chocolate? From a two-year-old kid to a ninety-year-old grandma, we ever say ‘no’ to chocolate. To celebrate this love, World Chocolate Day is observed on July 7.

Chocolates are traditionally made from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao trees, which are cultivated in Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America.

We all have eaten the usual chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates; but there are a few flavours that are strange and weird at the same time.

On World Chocolate Day 2020, let’s visit a few of these:

1. Vodka Potato Chocolate

Austrian chocolatiers Zotter have tried to make “creative” chocolate, a bar filled with vodka flavoured sweet potato ganache.

2. Cheese and Onion Chocolate

Yes, it does exist! Chocolate that comes with cheese and onion flavour of chips and we absolutely love it. This out of the box variant is made by Irish potato chip manufacturer Tayto.

3. Pizza Chocolate

We love pizza, we love chocolate, but has anyone tried pizza chocolate? No matter how horrible the combination might sound to you, you can get to eat this in Japan.

4. Camel Milk Chocolates

Dubai-based chocolate company Al Nassma makes chocolate using camel’s milk. These chocolates are also known as the “liquid gold” in the Middle East.

5. Mushroom chocolates

If you hate mushrooms, this one might change your opinions about chocolates too. In the US’s Wisconsin, you can try this chocolate made with dried mushrooms and earthy Peruvian dark chocolate.

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