Meet Balajee, The Instagram Comedian Whose Antics Have Kept Tamil Nadu Entertained in Pandemic

He takes an incarnation as a mobile phone to get love from people, only to be swatted away and shattered by Actor Sivakumar.

He wants to become an actor and is excited about receiving his first opportunity, only to realise he’s the snake in Chandramukhi.

Meet Adishta Raj, the fictional character and his creator, an upcoming social-media comedian KG Balajee who is quickly becoming a rage in the Tamil Meme world.

Balajee’s uniquely hilarious meme videos, largely centred around the luck-less characters ironically named Adishta (meaning luck) Raj and Adishta Lakshmi, have been receiving much love on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

“I created a character using my own face and named him Adishta Raj,” Balajee tells News 18. “The name struck me only when I was uploading… I had finished a video and was wondering what to name him. If you see the society, a lot of people have issues and are depressed.

“People can relate to a character who mocks at his own problems or miseries. If I put up videos of someone happy all the time, people may not like it or relate to it. So Adishta Raj is someone who keeps failing in life, that’s the irony of his name. I thought of many names… Aboorva Raj etc, but Adishta Raj was just a spark. The name and the things that happen to him are in complete different ends of a spectrum, which I felt was a nice combination.”

Until a few years ago, Balajee was one of the many youngsters from Tamil Nadu to be working in Information Technology. His passion, though, lied elsewhere. He forayed into the world of short films but the journey didn’t last long.

“In 2013 I made a silent short film and it won an international award in Netherlands. Directors Karthik Subbaraj and Nalan Kumarasamy shared it on Facebook and it became viral. I did a couple of short films after that but for some reasons couldn’t pursue it,” Balajee recalls.

Soon, he quit his IT job to begin his own firm for digital works while also entering the meme-video making world. Unlike the majority of the memes that troll current events in cinema or politics, Balajee carved a niche for himself with absurd and amusing concepts like ‘Life of Aambala – an emotional journey’, where he spoofs a famous scene from the movie Aambala with a character who lives his entire life sitting on a car.

“It’s my favourite video from my work. I enjoyed it even while I was editing. I felt it was balanced – began as a comedy and then had an emotional touch with some nice music. I felt it was kind of complete,” Balajee says.

Most of these concepts, Balajee says, are carry-overs of his ideas which he couldn’t make as short films for various reasons. Now, he recreates them all in the digital world with concepts centred around multiple characters that are Face-App versions of himself.

“A lot of people don’t realise that the girl in my videos is me, they even message me asking for her Instagram profile,” he laughs.

While Life of Aambala won him an Oscar award, ‘Adishta Raj’s Lockdown Timepass Tips’ – which range from recreating the rain, bhajji and Ilayaraja music combo in a shower to walking inside the house like WWE star Undertaker – made him go viral.

Popularity brings with it multiple opportunities, and the good news is that he has promised more such crazy videos in the future.

“At the moment happy doing videos for social media and making a name. I think the future is all about content for digital platforms, so I’ll look to explore that. I feel happy that a lot of people are liking my videos, so for the moment I’m not thinking too far ahead.”

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