Monster Potatoes Take Over French Woman’s House in Her Absence amid Covid-19 Lockdown

Mutant potatoes in France | Image credit: Twitter

Mutant potatoes in France | Image credit: Twitter

Student Donna Porée had bought a bag of potatoes from the store in March but left them behind in her flat as France entered coronavirus lockdown.

  • Last Updated: July 3, 2020, 5:45 PM IST

A French woman received the shock of her life recently when she returned to her flat after months of staying away due to the coronavirus lockdown, only to find her home taken over by ‘mutant potatoes’.

The woman, Donna Porée, a student and resident of Caen, France, had bought a bag of potatoes from the store in March. But as the country went into lockdown to protect citizens against the COVID-19 pandemic, Donna locked up her flat and went over to live with her boyfriend in the other end of town.

Upon returning to her flat in June, Donna was shocked to find that the potatoes had taken over. It seemed that the potatoes in the bag had sprouted shoots. Several tall pink shoots broke out of the bag containing the potatoes and shot up the walls.

The shoots even broke through the joints of the furniture in Donna’s flat.

The horrified woman took to Twitter to share photos of the potatoes.

“After 3 months of absence my potatoes decided to push without limit until making holes in the joints,” she wrote.

The image went viral on social media with many marveling at the potatoes for surviving the lockdown. And how.

Responding to the images, a Twitter user wrote, “That’s a little scary”. Donna responded, “A little? I nearly got a heart attack”.

France began its second phase of easing lockdown regulations in June.

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