20-Year-Old’s Viral TikTok with Impressive Visual Effects Gets a Thumbs Up from Disney

Julian Baas, a theater major student at Georgia State University, became a social media sensation overnight after his TikTok video was appreciated by noted filmmakers and actors including Robert Iger, executive chairman of The Walt Disney Co, James Gunn, director and screenwriter of Guardians of the Galaxy, Josh Gad, man behind the voice Olaf Disney’s hit Frozen franchise among others.

In the clip, 20-year-old Julian flaunted his visual effects skills by transforming into his favourite superheroes and cartoon characters with every frame. From Jedi to Spider-man, Julian aces it all with utmost ease and confidence.

Along with the clip, he requested his 46K followers “if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated”.

And it actually happened! Robert Iger replied to his tweet and wrote, “The world’s gonna know your name!!!”.

Making a bee line, Josh appreciated the young talent and said, “Give this man his own everything now”.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Julian, who has been working on such videos since he was just 11, said, “I started out doing Lego stop motion videos and grew up reading a lot of comic books, so when I first started editing I was heavy into visual effects. I wanted to give myself every super power in the book”.

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