How Twitter’s Promise of Adding an ‘Edit Button’ Feature Made Internet Mask Up

If you have been on microblogging site Twitter lately, you must have already come across a bunch of new features that the bird app has rolled out in the past few months to enhance the user experience.

Twitter users now have better control over how they converse with one another. The app lets you put up a 24-hour vanishing story called “Fleets”. And more recently, the app added a new feature in its kitty that lets you speak your mind in the form of voice tweets.

But there’s something amiss.

A feature that constantly pops up in conversations every time Jack Dorsey’s Twitter introduces something new is the ability to edit a tweet. Be it tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee or the aam janta, the freedom to make corrections to your posts within a given timeframe is something the community has been yearning for years.

On Thursday, Twitter finally broke its silence and teased Twitterati that they can, in fact, have the edit button.

The only catch? The entire world has to put on a mask in return.

Too much of an ask? Twitterati thought so.

Realising they had been played again by Twitter, users had to live another day without the edit button. Many others, put on their DIY masks.

Edit button or not, wearing a mask to safeguard from COVID-19 is one of the few preventive measures suggested by medical experts to break the chain and avoid coronavirus infection.

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