Budweiser Employee Peeing in Beer Cans For 12 Years? Memes Shower after Satire News Goes Viral

Representative image / News18.

Representative image / News18.

The meme fest began after a report claiming that a Budweiser employee had confessed to be peeing in beer cans for the last 12 years.

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  • Last Updated: July 3, 2020, 11:33 AM IST

Budweiser has caught everyone’s curiosity on social media after the beer brand started trending on Twitter on Thursday. Meme gates have literally been thrown open after a report claiming that a Budweiser employee revealed that he has been peeing into the beer tanks for the last 12 years surfaced on social media.

However, worry not, if you are a beer fan. It’s fake news.

The report published in the Foolish Humor identified the employee as Walter Powell who confessed that he has been pissing inside Budweiser beer tanks for 12 years. At 34 years old, Walter has wanted to clear up any doubt about the taste of Budweiser and has stated he’s been doing this for more than a decade just before bottling, the report said.

The news triggered a meme fest on social media before it was clarified that the website which shared the report is a ‘humorous page’ with the aim to entertain. “The content of Foolish Humor is fiction and does not correspond to reality,” the website says in its ‘About’ section.

Here are the memes that won the game after people took the satire seriously:

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