Beware of Family WhatsApp Groups: ‘Nazma Aapi’ Warns against Fake News in Viral Video

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter / @salonayyy)

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter / @salonayyy)

In a bid to warn people against such misinformation, Indian comedian Saloni Gaur once again took to her famous avatar Nazmi Aapi to talk about fake news.

  • Last Updated: July 1, 2020, 8:01 PM IST

Which disease spreads faster and is deemed more dangerous than Covid-19? The one caused by WhatsApp University — fake news.

There has been a rise in the spread of fake news in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s about the many false claims regarding the cure of the virus or people’s lack of activity pushing them to engage in more WhatsApp fowards.

In a bid to warn and aware people against such misinformation, Indian comedian Saloni Gaur once again took to her internet famous avatar Nazma Aapi to talk about fake news.

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She starts her video urging people to utilise their only 2GB data/day by doing something more fruitful including listening to some music or even spreading her videos than spreading fake news.

Nazma credits the source of this fake news to ‘Family WhatsApp groups’. She says that one can even tolerate the good morning forwards and motivational quotes, but what’s up with the fake information?

Jumping to an example, Nazma explains how following her maternal uncle’s corona-cure solution — “Dhoop mein byath ne se corona nehi hota hai (By sitting under the sun, one will not contract corona) — her paternal uncle went outside to sit in this scorching sun.

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Forget about killing the virus, her uncle happened to faint and tan himself so much, that his “face lock couldn’t even recognise him”.

She also cited other examples to enhance how easily people fall into this trap of believing whatever is sent to them on messaging apps.

At the end of the nearly 1 minute video, Nazma asks her audience to remember the words of Indian actor Anup Soni from his television crime series Crime Patrol : “Saavdhan raho, Saatarkh raho (Stay careful, stay alert)”.

Taking to Twitter, Saloni said, “Ye Fake News ki musibat ka kya karein mitro? (What to do with this trouble of fake news?)”

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Also, remember to “take care before you share”.

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