How You Like That? K-Pop’s BLACKPINK Dancing to ‘Pardesia’ is the Bollywood Crossover We Needed

Image credits: YouTube/BLACKPINK/YG Entertainment.

Image credits: YouTube/BLACKPINK/YG Entertainment.

Blackpink in your area… and the area is India!

  • Last Updated: July 1, 2020, 11:13 AM IST

When BlackPink sang, ‘BlackPink in your area,’ very few international stans could only have guessed that the area would be India.

While the K-Pop group from YG Entertainment BlackPink actually visiting India may be a far off concept, for now, a new viral video on Instagram shows what the group would have been like, if they jammed to Bollywood music instead of their own tunes.

The video is a clip from BlackPink’s latest release, ‘How You Like That?’ mixed with Bollywood song, ‘Pardesia,’ shows how in sync Jennie, Lisa, Jisso and Rose are to Bollywood.

Posted by What The Cut? on Instagram, the video is titled ‘BlackPink goes Desi.’

Watch the video below.

What the Cut? has also made other ‘cross-overs’ with both K-Pop like BTS’s ‘Boy With Love’ with ‘Dus Bahane,’ and ‘Hookah Bar.’

The page also had multiple international songs mixed with Bollywood, and the other way around.

But barring this sync, BlackPink has an India connection in ‘How You Like That’ itself!

In the original music video, Indians have found a small idol of Ganesha located in one of the sets of the MV, which offended Hindu sentiments, since the idol was located near the feet of one of the singers.

Following backlash, however, the video has been removed.

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