Man Cooks Mesopotamian Meal with ‘World’s Oldest Recipe’ Using 1750 BCE Tablet

Over the past four months of lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus, people have channelised the inner chef, artist, gamer and other skills. Some have, in fact, got the time to pursue their passion and hobby with utmost dedication during this time.

A Twitter user, who seems to be passionate about cooking, made quite a few dishes according to recipes mentioned in a tablet that dates back to 1750 BCE. In a tweet Bill Sutherland said, “I blame lockdown but for some reason decided to cook Babylonian meal from the recipe tablet on the right; at 1750 BCE are the oldest recipes existing. Seemed to go down OK “Best Mesopotamian meal I have eaten””.

In a series of six tweets, he shared the pictures of various dishes that he tried to prepare as per the recipe mentioned in the tablet:

It comes as no surprise that his post on the micro blogging site went viral in no time. As of now, the post has garnered over 43 thousand likes on Twitter alone.

As one would expect, Twitterati could obviously not keep calm about the post and dropped in all kinds of reactions in the reply section.

A person wrote, “I wish all recipes cookbooks used that syntax — “you do this, you do that.” Then when you screw it up later there’s no question it’s totally on you.”, another said, “Damn you gotta read that whole tablet just to get to the recipe at the bottom, I hate that.”

Some other reactions included:

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