This Impression of Hasan Minhaj Explaining His ‘Pizza Problem’ is Eerily Accurate

Image credits: YouTube/The Patriot Act/Facebook/Saiyam Kumar.

Image credits: YouTube/The Patriot Act/Facebook/Saiyam Kumar.

Hasan Minhaj on The Patriot Act often uses hand gestures to explain the subject, and this viral video mirrors the gestures perfectly!

  • Last Updated: June 29, 2020, 11:50 AM IST

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Netflix’s Patriot Act, you’ll know that the creator and the host of the show, Hasan Minhaj, has a distinct way of speaking.

Hasan Minhaj talks with his hands, uses gestures and distinct pauses to describe everything – whether it be Donald Trump’s policies, or his favorite sneaker brand.

Now, an impression of Minhaj’s describing this is going viral on the Internet.

Posted on Facebook, New York University student Saiyam Kumar does an impression of how Hasan Minhaj would speak if he ordered pizza and it came undercooked and cold.

“I have to put the pizza, back in the oven. It’s not cooked,” Kumar says in the video.

He continues explaining the the problem with it, and then uses Hasan’s classic, “Whether we like it or not, the options we are choosing from, are this.”

He even goes on to explain how “There is a more fundamental problem,” (In his Papa John’s pizza).

Within hours, the post has close to two thousand shares and over 5.8k likes.

And with the reach of the desi network, the video reached Hasan Minhaj, who commented on the video which was posted on Instagram.

“Yo this is amazing,” wrote Minhaj.

Amazing indeed, and also eerily accurate. For reference, here’s Minhaj geeking out about Jordans.

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