Alicia Keys performs at the 2020 BET stage honouring the Black Lives Matter movement

Alicia Keys performs at the 2020 BET stage in response to black lives movement

Alicia Keys moved audiences on the 2020 BET Awards stage with a powerful rendition of her song Perfect Way To Die  to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Her stage encompassed an empty city street which featured a portrait of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old found dead after being arrested by the police.

Nearing the end of her performance, Keys left her piano and sat down in the middle of the street on her knees to showcase her support for protesters and other Black Lives Matter advocates.

Alicia’s performance carried such meaningful and subtle nuances, including a nod to Colin Kaepernick who would kneel down during the national anthem to raise his voice against police brutality.

After her performance was aired the singer took to her social media to reflect upon the true meaning of the song, and how it all has affected her up till now.

“There’s so much on our minds and in our hearts!” she began by saying. “My favorite thing about music is how it reminds us that we’re not alone. This performance for the #BETAwards touched me deeply. What did u feel?”

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