Unwanted Guests: Videos of Locust Swarms Invading Gurugram Will Give You the Chills

Image credits: @sagarchawla8 / @deepscribble | Twitter.

Image credits: @sagarchawla8 / @deepscribble | Twitter.

Residents of Gurugram woke up to the terrifying sight of thousands of locusts resting on their balconies and swarming around and shared the apocalyptic-like photos and videos of the city.

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  • Last Updated: June 27, 2020, 12:35 PM IST

Days after sudden movement of locusts was tracked in the outskirts of Jhansi district, Rana Heda village near Panbihar in Ujjain district and most recently Jaipur, the swarm has reached Gurugram in Haryana, next to India’s capital New Delhi.

People residing in the high-rise buildings and near the cyber city area, took to microblogging site Twitter on Saturday to capture the crop-destroying insects flying about in the city and covering a large area in Haryana.

Earlier, the Gurugram administration had issued an advisory to the residents to keep their windows and doors shut along with making loud noises by beating utensils and dhol to stop the insects from settling at a place.

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The terrifying videos shared by residents showed the locusts swarming in the city in large numbers.

“The unwanted guests have finally reached Gurugram NCR. I was wondering where they disappeared after creating havoc in Rajasthan and MP last month. #LocustsAttack,” IRS officer Naveed Trumboo tweeted.

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