Mia Khalifa is Now on TikTok and Here’s Why It’s a ‘Whole New World’ for Her

Image credits: Mia Khalifa / TikTok

Image credits: Mia Khalifa / TikTok

While hate comments and threats made her turn off the comments on other social media platforms, former adult film industry star Mia Khalifa considers fellow TikTokers her ‘friends’.

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  • Last Updated: June 27, 2020, 7:53 PM IST

Former adult film star Mia Khalifa has found a new supportive online fraternity among her TikTok followers.

While hate comments and threats made her turn off the comments on other social media platforms, now she feels like fellow TikTokers are her “friends”.

Speaking to Mashable, Mia Khalifa said that she did not have a fond experience of social media before. Calling the comments “awful”, she said, “It really affected me, even if I put a brave face forward to the public.”

“As soon as I joined TikTok I found this whole new world where I can actually read the comments, and not feel like I should have them turned off,” said Mia adding that she now actually wants to “engage with the people commenting” as they feel like her “friends”.

Although Mia gained huge popularity in the adult film world, she has only participated in creating adult video for a few months between 2014 and 2015. A controversy around her wearing a hijab in one of those videos skyrocketed her to popularity for which she was not even paid enough.

Despite her retiring in early 2015, her domain and videos still remain very much alive as she has no ownership on her videos. In an earlier interview with Hero magazine, she had shared that the site owners had agreed to share the revenue with her only if she agreed to make more videos for them.

Recently, Mia revealed how she was abused while in the industry when her domain was bought by “tricking” her by a firm for $1.

She also said how a photographer had claimed to be from Vogue and conducted a photoshoot which later turned out to be nothing.


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