Dark Season 3: All Characters, Connections and Timelines Explained Before Diving Into Finale

Image credits: Netflix/Reddit.

Image credits: Netflix/Reddit.

The apocalypse must happen.

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Jonas is Adam. Jonas is also the Stranger. Mikkel exists both in 2019, as Michael and Mikkel, and Mikkel also exists in 1986.

As Dark Season 3 releases, the German show which appealed to its audiences for its multi-layered, multiple theories releases in India today on Netflix, fans are revising on the connections that exists – and let’s be honest, it’s a spider-web of connection, only the spider-web is absolute chaos.

Before you dive deep into Season 3, let’s re-hash some of the most important connections on the show, of what we know so far.

The basic: Time is not linear. Time is an endless loop. The past doesn’t only influence the future, the future also influences the past. Which character came first? Which character comes last? Where is the beginning? Where is the end?

And who run this world? A group of time travelers, first formed in 1921, called Sic Mundus Creatus Est.

The central character (so far) has been Jonas.

His father is Micheal (in 2019) and Mikkel (in 2019 and 1986) who traveled back to the past.

Martha is Jonas’s aunt. Martha and Jonas also fall in love, in 2019. Jonas wants Martha to believe that they are perfect for each other, and never to believe anything else.

But the end of Season 2 hints that Martha may be from another world. And we’re confused. Is it more that just parallel timelines? Is it parallel realities now?

Here’s who’s really related to who, and how.

And the apocalypse, which destroys everything caused by an event at the nuclear power plant, is today.

Want to be sure Season 3 is worth it before being sure you want to get into more complex theories about Dark? You can read our review here.


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