Pizza Hut Introduces World’s First Ramen-Crusted ‘Noodle House Musashi’ Pizza in Taiwan

Whether it be Nutella Biryani or Oreo Bhajiya, this lockdown has indeed seen a lot of absolutely bizarre food combinations. Joining the bandwagon now is another weird food combination that includes Ramen on pizza base.

According to a report published in The Indian Express, pizza making giant Pizza Hut in Taiwan will be introducing Ramen Pizzas. This pizza will include authentic Ramen, which will be put on pizza base loaded with cheeses and will be topped with white sesame seeds and soft boiled egg. Other toppings that will be used in this pizza include barbecued pork, green onion, bamboo shoots, garlic porridge and bone sauce ramen.

The brand claims that this will be the first Ramen Pizza in the world. If all goes as per plan then the brand will be taking orders for this unique pizza from June 30.

As per the report, this pizza will be called Noodle House Musashi pizza and will be priced at NT$ 459. The food chain has already released quite a few combos and have also enabled the pre-booking facility for this never heard before fusion dish.

This fusion dish is being created in collaboration with Tokyo’s Menya Musashi. This particular brand is said to be the best when it comes to new ramen culture in Japan.

What must be noted here is that ramen crusted pizzas and burgers have been a part of South Asian restaurants but this ramen on pizza, is indeed a first.

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