Jameela Jamil bashes Kim Karadashian over ‘damaging’ body corsets

Jameela Jamil bashes Kim Karadashian over ‘damaging’ body corsets

Jameela Jamil has always been known for her positive take on body image and self-love. The actress has been lauded, time and time again, for her unapologetic swings at beauty influencers who are promoting unhealthy expectations and dangerous body image ideals.

She wrote, “I’ve received over 1000 DMs asking me to address this. The reason I didn’t jump on it immediately isn’t because I don’t think the post was damaging and disappointing. I do. It’s because the fact that you’re all messaging me about it, shows my work is done.

“I was always trying to arm YOU with the knowledge to recognize for YOURSELVES that this is a bullshit expectation of women, developed by the patriarchy. If YOU know that it’s problematic, reductive and irresponsible for her to perpetuate such a heavily impossible beauty standard to her impressionable fans… then you’re empowered and conscious and don’t need me. [sic]”

She however made it clear that “Kim, like many of us, has had decades of body image issues and obsession. This has been HEAVILY perpetuated by how much the media scrutinized her and her sisters over their appearances. She isn’t actively trying to harm you.”

Before concluding, she urged her fans to take power into their own hands and not let unrealistic beauty standards harm them. “The smart thing to do is to protect YOURSELF. YOU have the power. YOU control every Market. YOU choose what and who is trendy. Unfollow the people who tell you things that hurt your self esteem. Don’t let the debris of their damage spill out onto you. Unfollow people/brands that don’t make you feel powerful and happy and grateful for what you have. [sic]”

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