‘How Can a Cream Make You Lovely?’ Vir Das on Fair and Lovely’s Rebranding Theatrics

A day after HUL announced to rebrand its skin cream Fair and Lovely and drop ‘fair’ from the name, actor and comic Vir Das shared a video on Twitter saying that it is ‘lovely’ in the name that is probelamtic.

“I have no problem with the word ‘Fair’. I strongly object to a cream using the word ‘Lovely’ because my company is launching ‘Lovely Cream’ today and we plan to own the market. Please watch for a Skin Demo. This product is going to change cosmetics forever,” he captioned the video.

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“I have no problem with the fair part of it, I have a problem with the lovely part of it. How does a cream make you lovely?” he says in the clip. He takes example of actress Meryl Steep and Deepika Padukone to say that it is not people wearing creams makes them lovely.

“Deepika Padukone is lovely and she wears cream and is it like she goes home washes her face and says ‘Ranveer, what the f*** are you wearing? That is a curtain.” He further adds that there should be a cream that makes a person lovely if not fair.

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On Thursday, Das shared a clip from his Netflix gig from January where he talked about India’s obsession with white skin and how fairer heroines are preferred over dusky heroines. “In Bollywood, we have 10,000 projects every year for fair heroines. We have 10 projects for dusky heroines and all them are Art Cinema,” he says, jokingly adding that actress Radhika Apte is in all of those projects. “Apparently nothing glamorous happens to dusky people in India.”

His jibes on the fair skin bias in India comes a day after HUL decided to drop ‘Fair’ from the name of its fairness cream “Fair n Lovely” which has come under backlash in view of anti-racism protests across the globe.


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