‘Toxic Ex Here’: Ukraine Had a Cheeky Response to Russia’s Soviet Rule Throwback on Twitter

Screenshot from photos uploaded by @Russia.

Screenshot from photos uploaded by @Russia.

The exchange between Ukraine and Russia has left many Twitter users laughing out loud. Some people, however, have commented upon how terrible things were when Ukraine was a part of Russia.

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  • Last Updated: June 25, 2020, 12:21 PM IST

In an unimaginable turn of events, Ukraine’s official Twitter handle called Russia its “toxic-ex” on Tuesday.

This comment by the country came after Russia’s official handle shared a set of photos from the time when Ukraine was a part of it.

Sharing a set of four photos, out of which three are black and white and one is coloured, Russia said, “Many #Ukrainians still remember the good ol’ days, when #Soviet Ukraine was the #USSR’s breadbasket, as well as a popular health #tourism destination & industrial center. A lot of that, and much more, is available in #Russia’s #Crimea today”.

Quoting this tweet by Russia, Ukraine wrote, “toxic ex here”.

This exchange between the two countries has left many Twitter users laughing out loud. Some people, however, have commented upon how terrible things were when Ukraine was a part of Russia.

A person, who seemed to be affected by the way in which Russia treated present-day Ukraine in the past, said, “Not really an “ex”, more like a guy who kidnapped you and kept in his basement for years until you managed to break free. Now reappearing to remind you how much fun you used to have together.”

Another one, compared Russia to a car thief, said, “That’s kind of like a car thief taunting his victim, saying “remember the good old days when you still had a car, before I threatened you with an gun, before I forced your friends and relatives to move from their homes?” Good luck making friends that way, Russia (sic).”

One more person, who seemed clearly pissed off with Russia’s doings, said, “They actually can’t see anything wrong with it. It’s the worst sort of imperial attitude: “We treated you like sh*t, but only because we were trying to help you be more like us. I mean, it’s so obvious we’re your superiors….”

Many people have also shared GIFs in the reply section to express their opinion.

Take a look at some other reactions on the post in which people have not shied away from expressing their opinion:

Originally, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, but it became an independent country in the year 1991. Subsequently, in 2004 Russia annexed Crimea in which more than nine thousand people were killed over a period of many years.


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