Katy Perry admits of having emotional outbursts during pregnancy

Katy Perry admits of having emotional outbursts during pregnancy 

Katy Perry has utilized her pregnancy to showcase the rawest depiction of reality, whether it is a sudden hit of the baby blues, to sickness or fear. The young mother-to-be is laying it on openly for fans across the world to see.

The singer is due to deliver in the summer of 2020 however, due to the current world circumstances she feels extremely scared about the health of her baby.

Katy admitted that her second trimester has been extremely hard for her to manage. “I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks. I think a lot of that is hormonal and I’m not used to being around so many people all in a confined or a small space for so long. I’m used to going out all the time.”

Not only does she experience random fits of hysterical crying over the smallest of things, but it is also becoming increasingly difficult for her to walk due to the swelling in her feet.

She also revealed her secret escapes from family life, stating, “There is not really anywhere to go besides my car, so I go to my car a lot. That is my safe space.” Even though she is experiencing a blend of both good and bad days, her fiancé Orlando Bloom is always at his ladylove’s side.

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