Disney, Marvel studios shooting schedule up in the air amid COVID-19

Disney, Marvel studios shooting schedule up in the air amid second wave of COVID-19. Photo: Booloop

COVID-19 has left the entire globe in a perpetual state of quarantine due to its stronghold. As a result of the harrowing pandemic, many Disney and Marvel fans have been left disheartened over the suspended filming shoots.

To make matters worse, both production companies have intimated fans and revealed that they should not expect movie productions to go back on track in the near future.

According to a report by Deadline, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek revealed there will be “no projections” in the near future however, when they do begin shoots, they will “be very responsible in terms of masks when we proceed.”

“In terms of large-scale production, we’re going to go through the same process with our productions as we do our theme parks in terms of absolutely guaranteeing that we’re going to be responsible in terms of how we put both our own employees and other filmmakers that are partners with us as they do these productions.”

He also reassured the public stating that Disney will not restart production without a green signal from “public health officials and strict safety procedures are in place”.

As a result of the pandemic, a total of almost seven live action remakes, including, Shang-Chi, The Last Duel, The Little Mermaid, Nightmare Alley, Shrunk as well as Peter Pan & Wendy  have been suspended until future notice.

“We very much believe in the value of the theatrical experience overall to launch blockbuster movies” Chapek admitted. “As you know we had seven $1 billion films in calendar 2019, but we also realised that either because of changing and evolving consumer dynamics, or because of certain situations like Covid, we may have to make some changes to that overall strategy just because theatres aren’t open, or aren’t open to the extent that anybody needs to be financially viable. So we’re going to evaluate each one of our movies on a case by case situation, as we are doing right now, during this coronavirus situation.”

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