This is How a Woman Reacted When She Found a 33-Year-Old Note by her Siblings

No matter how old we grow, some memories are engraved deeply in our hearts and nothing can ever take them away from us. Reliving those good old days can bring anyone to shed tears of joy.

UK-resident Kimberley Colbeck recently lived one such moment in her life when she was getting her house renovated in Guiseley, Leeds. Little did she know about the sweet surprises that will come her way in this journey.

According to Leeds Live, the 36-year-old women got her hands on a handwritten secret note which she and her brothers hid back in 1987, when Kimberley was three, while her brothers Andrew and Christopher were aged 12 and 8. The notes, found by the builders, were kept safely in a time capsule which Kim and her brothers hid behind the tiles on the kitchen walls.

One of the notes read, “This note was left by Andrew Colbeck age 12, Christopher Colbeck age 8, Kimberley Colbeck age 3 on the 28/7/1987.” These notes were scribbled using a pencil and kept safely inside a time capsule.

Another one, written two years later, read, “I am Andrew Colbeck. Today is St Valentine’s Day. Yes. 14/2/89. My birthday is 29/4/75 so I am now 13. I am a scout in the 15th Airedale and I have a CB.”

Needless to say, Kimberley got emotional and overwhelmed on receiving these. She said, as reported by the website, “I cried when I first saw the note. My older brother Andrew sadly passed away two years ago. It was really emotional to see his writing.”

The Colbeck family lived in the said house till 2013, after which they moved out.

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