Lily Collins details her issues with ‘insecurity and doubts’ amid quarantine

Lily Collins details her issues with ‘insecurity and doubts’ amid quarantine

Lily Collins recently reflected upon her previous struggles with mental health in celebration for Mental Health Awareness Week.

With a picture of herself from back in the day, the star stressed on the importance of maintaining ample amounts of self-care steps and accepting one’s self for who they are.

“On the surface, this was a happy, confident girl. On the inside, I was struggling with so much insecurity and doubt within myself,” she wrote beginning her lengthy caption.

“At this age throughout my late teens and into my twenties, it felt really difficult to speak out about my internal struggles — with family, with relationships, eating disorders and overall uncertainty. But these are topics that should never be taboo, and we shouldn’t be afraid to speak to each other about them.”

She went on to say, “We’re here to get each other through these moments not judge one another for having them. So if I could remind that younger me of one thing it would be that I’m never alone. We’re never alone.”

She also stressed on the importance of relying upon a support system adding how “we need to lean on good friends and family, focus on the positives, and try our hardest not compare ourselves to others. I’m the only person who can be me. I should love myself as I am.”

Before concluding, she admitted that although it is hard for anyone to come to terms with their “darkest shadows”, what’s important is to keep going. “Believe me, I know this isn’t easy and right now it may be even harder as we’re forced to face even our darkest shadows.”

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