Tiny Little Alligators Taking on Giant Stork is Winning the Internet

Image credits: Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram.

Many Instagram users found the squabble friendly and cute.

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  • Last Updated: June 22, 2020, 12:22 PM IST

The wildlife is full of loving understanding between different species and exciting animosity. A playful display of such a tussle was captured recently at a wildlife park in Florida.

Proud residents of Gatorland, several mini alligators dared to take on a much bigger stork. While the bird came at them with loud clasping of her beaks, the alligators jumped high and above water to give it a precious challenge.

The amazing video was shared on the internet by the official Instagram account of Gatorland Orlando on Thursday. They mentioned in the caption that none of the animals had received any harm during the so-called battle and the storks still posed a big threat to baby gators.

“UFC! Don’t freak out, all the animals are fine, just a lesson regarding nature. Small alligators are feisty no doubt but still very vulnerable to a gigantic wood stork. That clicking sound you hear is his beak,” the caption said.

Many Instagram users found the squabble friendly and cute.

One user commented, “It’s like seeing a tough uncle looking after his nephews in a no nonsense accepted atitude lol. “Be quiet little Jimmy, go play outside and leave the adults alone”.”

Another fun comment on the post read, “Omg his little jump sooo adorable”.

Here are some other comments, “He is the typical small kid who always gets in trouble lol”.

“We were there last week and the storks tried to steal the fish we were feeding them”.


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