Eating Ban During Solar Eclipse? These Memes Perfectly Explain Desi Parents’ Logic

Parts of country will witness the annular ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse today between 10:19 am and 2:02 pm. The sun will appear like a ring of fire during the eclipse today bringing some excitement among the people.

The partial phase of the solar eclipse will begin at 9:16 am and will end at 3:04pm.

But solar eclipse also means superstitions. Despite the excitement, many Indian households believe in many superstitions and myths around the eclipse. One of these superstitions is not to eat during the eclipse time.

The superstitions are because of the folklores. The Greeks thought that the sun was abandoning people to the darkness during an eclipse hinting towards an upcoming disaster. On the other hand, in India, a demon called Rahu is believed to come and swallow the sun as Lord Surya had stopped him from consuming the elixir of life.

But it looks the millennial kids have found the perfect memes to express how they feel when eating is prohibited due to the eclipse. Here are some of the hilarious ones:

While there is no scientific evidence to this belief, some people still adhere to the conventions and kitchens become a no-go zone during the eclipse.

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Although science has proven the actual cause of the phenomenon and we are very close to witnessing an annular solar eclipse on 21 June, there are some precautions we must undertake during the event. Hence, everything about the myths is not entirely dismissible.

However, this year Indians had this question on their minds: Will the solar eclipse kill coronavirus? It has become a popular query on Google search results. Except for one scientist in Chennai, no one has so far found any connection between the two.

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