Scarlett Johansson opens up on thinness and Hollywood pressure

Scarlett Johansson opens up on thinness and Hollywood pressure

Scarlett Johansson recently wore her heart on her sleeve during a conversation about thinness and expressed upon the pressures to maintain a slim physique most women have to deal with when trying to make it within Hollywood.

She claims that although the pressure was bad in the past, it is “much worse” now in comparison. According to a report by IANS, Johansson was quoted saying, “There has always been pressure on actors to stay thin. There’s a scene in one of my favourite movies, ‘All About Eve’, where Bette Davis is circling around the room, horribly upset about something, and she picks up a chocolate… puts it down… picks it up again… puts it down again… finally, she gives in and eats it, but only after a huge struggle!”

“So even back then, there was the pressure going on. And now, it’s much worse” Johansson admits. Even though she opts for a more “natural method” of dieting now, her aim is to be “slim by healthy” with this lifestyle change.

“There’s a weight I like to maintain, which is slim but healthy. But there’s a healthy way to keep to that weight and there’s an unhealthy way.”

Even now, her paranoia towards her health is extreme, “I don’t have any comment on how other people choose to live their lives – but for me, I am far too paranoid about my own health to take the road of eating disorders. I’d rather just stay in shape the natural way.”

In regards to her private life, Johansson has always been hush hush. She claims, “There’s a classy way of going about keeping your privacy. There’s an aggressive way to do it, and there’s a quieter way, and because I am not an aggressive person, I choose just to lie low, which is not that hard to do. Johansson does not “struggle with my public persona. Because it doesn’t matter to me how people perceive me from afar. Of course it matters how people who know me perceive me, but that’s a different matter.”

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