Jessica Mulroney cut from CTV appearance after white privilege scandal

Jessica Mulroney cut from CTV appearance after news of threats to Sasha Exeter surface

With protests and riots breaking out all over the world in support of the Black Lives Matter, it appears Jessica Mulroney has landed herself in hot waters after news of her threatening black influencer Sasha Exeter came out into the open.

 According to claims by Elle, Jessica threatened Sasha’s complete livelihood and as a result of that, she was pulled from the reality show I Do Redo.

For the unversed, the issue arose after Sasha came out with claims stating that “after her public apology on my post yesterday, I received this via DM. Please take in the timestamp in green on the top left of the screen. Also, poor thing didn’t even spell ‘libel’ correctly. Sigh.”

One of the many reasons Sasha decided to stand up for herself is because “I am raising a Black daughter. I don’t want her to ever have to face any of this or to experience what I’ve experienced, especially in the last two weeks. And I am fully aware that by sharing this in this way that I am opening myself up to potential criticism, hate, bullying, but I’m willing to take that risk today. And I’ve thought really long and hard about making sure to incorporate some takeaways and add in here before signing off and you know what? There’s not going to be a long list of takeaways. There’s only one takeaway. This shit needs to stop right now.”

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