WATCH: Man’s Insane Break Dance at a Special Needs Home Will Leave You Grooving

Reddit image. (nextfu**inglevel)

Reddit image. (nextfu**inglevel)

The admirable head spinning and one handstand were reportedly being performed at a home for people with special needs.

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  • Last Updated: June 20, 2020, 12:01 PM IST

The Internet serves as a great medium to bring out hidden gems out in the open so that they can be appreciated and given their due credit.

The recent shot to fame came for a man expressing himself with insane breakdance moves.

The video was shared on a Reddit group first and from here it spread like wildfire. The man wears a casual white tee shirt and red pants and can be seen spitting fire with his controlled steps on the hit music of ‘Turn Down For What’, a hit number by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

The admirable head spinning and one handstand were being performed at a home for people with special needs, according to the caption.

The one-minute-long video was a winner in the subreddit and has garnered over 96 per cent upvotes.

Redditors were readily impressed with his moves. While one user wrote, “This dude is better than most. The push ups were just showing off. Then he head spins.. pure fire!”; another commented, “My man made it half way through the routine before taking the glasses off. Mine fell off while descending some stairs and I stepped on them”.

Here are some other quips:

“Interesting song choice…”

“It’s great that he can express himself like this! Bravo to him and his supervisors.”

“I find it difficult to get up of the sofa without groaning.”

“Judging by the beginning, I didn’t expect him to be that good. I’m glad I kept watching!!”

“Those handstand push-ups are fire! I can’t even do a stationary handstand yet.”

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