Sushant Singh Rajput’s T-shirt With Quirky Math Equation Proves His Love for Engineering

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has left his friends and fans in a state of shock.

Remembering the actor, the mournful moment was turned into a celebration for Singh’s fascination with science, maths, and beyond. The actor wanted to be an astronaut and loved gazing at the Jupiter moons, Saturn rings and even the Andromeda Galaxy through his “time-travelling” telescope.

Singh was also learning to code to propel his dream in computer gaming. Aware of the actor’s hunger for equations, his fans dug up an old photograph of Singh donning a t-shirt that was a further indication of his prowess in the engineering background. Some even remarked that the t-shirt was a reflection of high IQ that the actor possessed.

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The equation printed on Singh’s t-shirt is a classic and long-running mathematical joke among the mechanical engineering community.

The text simply read:

“Don’t be a d3s / dt3 or don’t be a jerk.”

Constant jerk in kinematics (branch of mechanics describing the motion of objects) and calculus is the rate of change of acceleration with time.

j = da / dt

This makes “jerk” the first derivative of acceleration, the second derivative of velocity, and the third derivative of displacement, as noted by The Physics Hypertextbook.

j = da / dt = d2v / dt2 = d3s / dt3

Singh’s academic brilliance has been well-documented. The actor, who dropped out just 2 semesters before graduating to pursue a career in acting, had reportedly secured All India Rank of 7 in Delhi College of Engineering Entrance Examination back in 2003.

As for his interest in the astrophysics, his social media accounts are a testament.

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